Trunk Shows

Jet-Set Tailoring

Let Us Pay You A Visit

Majestic Tailors is hitting the road, bringing Bangkok’s finesse to your city. Our skilled tailors provide personalized service, taking measurements and offering expert consultations. Expect a carefully chosen array of premium fabrics, ensuring you have access to the same quality materials as what we have in our store in Bangkok.

How It Works

Majestic Tailors Trunk Shows

01. Schedule Appoinment

Inform us of your preferred date and location, and we'll set up an appointment.

02. Meeting

We typically hold our appointments at our hotel in the city we are visiting, but we're happy to accommodate group appointments at your office or home. We try to keep appointments under an hour.

03. Design Selection

Choose your preferred fabric, design, and style from a diverse range of options. We'll then take your measurements with meticulous attention.

04. Production

Craftsmanship takes place at our workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, where your measurements and preferences gets molded into your desired garment.

05. Delivery

After rigorous quality checks, your order is delivered to your doorstep within two months.

06. Our Promise

Your confidence and satisfaction is our priority. Every product, crafted based on the measurements we take with you at our trunk shows is designed to meet your expectations.