Get Your Tailored Blazers in Bangkok, Thailand

Jacket Artistry

Look your best in a tailored blazer or sports jacket crafted in the heart of Bangkok by our seasoned tailors. 

Tailoring Process:
Get your tailored fit with 2-3 fittings, ensuring meticulous adjustments and personalized touches to achieve the ideal look for your blazer.

Completion and Delivery:
Have your tailored blazer or sports jacket ready within 3-5 working days. For those with time-sensitive needs, please get in touch, and we’ll explore expedited options to accommodate your schedule.

Customization at Every Detail

Crafting your blazer entails more than just choosing premium fabrics and attending to the minutest details. It’s a process where every element is meticulously designed and crafted to guarantee a seamless fit and unmatched comfort. Beyond being merely attire, a tailored blazer/jacket becomes a statement, reflecting your individual style and personality with precision and flair.





And Many More Styling Options

Quality Fabrics Available to You

Discover a treasure trove of fabrics at our tailor shop in Bangkok, where luxury meets affordability. Our extensive collection caters to every taste and budget, offering a plethora of non-branded and branded options sourced from Italy, England, and Asia. Whether you desire premium blends or 100% wool, or seek the allure of luxury high-performance fabrics, our selection has something for everyone.

Guided by our expert stylists, choosing the perfect fabric becomes effortless. For timeless elegance and versatility, opt for wool, renowned for its durability, suitability across all seasons, and easy maintenance. Embrace sophistication with a fabric that stands the test of time.