Tailored Dress Shirts in Bangkok, Thailand

Dress Shirt Artistry

Look your best in a bespoke Majestic tailored shirt crafted in the heart of Bangkok. Whether you’re preparing for a formal business affair or your everyday job, a dress shirt is a quintessential component of any gentleman’s wardrobe.

Tailoring Sessions:
Get your perfect tailored fit within 1-2 fittings, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and personalized adjustments to meet your preferences.

Completion and Delivery:
We can have your tailored dress shirt ready within 2-4 working days. For those with time-sensitive needs, please reach out to us, and we’ll explore expedited options to accommodate your schedule.

Customization at Every Detail

Elevate your style with our bespoke shirt customization, where every detail reflects your unique taste and occasion. From collars to buttons, pockets to embroidery, we offer a symphony of options tailored to perfection. Our master tailors ensure precise measurements for a comfortable fit, whether it’s for a formal event, casual wear, or the office.





And Many More Styling Options

Quality Fabrics Available to You

Explore a vast array of fabrics at our tailor shop in Bangkok, where luxury meets affordability. Our shirt fabric collection boasts numerous options to suit every preference and budget. Choose from a diverse range of non-branded and branded fabrics sourced from globally. From 100% cotton and linen to luxurious high-performance materials, there’s something for everyone. Guided by our expert stylists, selecting the perfect fabric becomes effortless. For unparalleled softness and versatility, opt for cotton fabrics, while the smooth texture and lightweight feel of silk are ideal for formal events. Embrace the breathability of linen, perfect for warmer climates like Thailand.